We Provide the Definitive
Square Footage of your Listing or Home

MeasureRight® and COVID-19

We are following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 precautions. We are wear masks and gloves and observe social distancing and ask our clients and Real Estate Agents to also wear masks and observe social distancing.


We have over 16 years of experience in producing Architectural AutoCAD drawings
of existing commercial buildings. This expertise on the commercial side is also brought to the Residential Market where we have measured over 3,000 homes over the past 11 years.

Whether your site is a residential home, commercial building or suite, have it measured before you list or buy it! Know the true square footage or rentable area before you sell it, buy it or lease it.

MeasureRight® Offers a Variety of Measuring Services

Through our Standard Residential Service we provide you with the definitive number of square feet, under central heat and air, of your home or listing.

Our NEW Residential Plus Service offers drawings of all floors in Architectural AutoCAD of any home showing the  measurements of all the rooms. As with our basic service we create these drawings electronically and add detail items such as doors, windows, appliances and placement of countertops, bathroom showers, tubs and toilets, and more! Additionally, you get the total square footage under central heat & air of each level measured and put into Architectural AutoCAD.

For Commercial Real Estate Measurement Services we measure and furnish Architectural AutoCAD layout drawings of the current “as built” spaces.  Once the drawing(s) is completed we can calculate the leasable and common area square footages using the guidelines of ANSI  Z62.1 and provide plots of all drawings in sizes 8 ½” x 11 up to 24” x 36” and, if requested, 3D plots.

Standard Residential for Square Feet

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Standard Residential

NEW Residential Plus Service for Room Dimensions

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Residential Plus Service for Room Dimensions

Commercial Real Estate Measurement Services

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Commercial Real Estate Measurement Services

Cutting-edge Measuring Technology for your Property

The technology offered today for measuring houses spans a wide range of instruments from the usual tape measure method to advanced lasers and CAD programs.

MeasureRight® streamlines the data process of measuring your property by utilizing Leica Class Two digital lasers to measure your home to 1/32”. The lasers also have the ability to transfer the measurements directly into the CAD program, via Bluetooth technology, loacted in a hardened tablet computer we carry with us as we measure your home/listing.

How the Information Flows

Hoe the Information Flows

From Laser - to Mobile CAD Program - to Master Computer


Join Us in Partnering with Community Organizations

Our purpose in providing our services is to help people understand the definitive square footage of their property. Although we do charge for our services, we keep our prices as low as possible so that people will not have their property measured because they do not have the money. We are not in this business to make money for ourselves. We actually give all of the business profits to community organizations that help and enrich the lives of people around us and around the world. To that end we have included the logos of most of the organizations that we support below with a link to each organization's website.

To learn more about them and find how you can help and contribute

to these organizations click on the link.

  • Infant Crisis Services

  • The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital

  • SSM Health St. Anthony Foundation

  • Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

  • Water4

  • Oklahoma City Community College

  • Oklahoma Arts Council

  • Oklahoma city Philharmonic

Help make a difference!