1. Do you carry liability insurance?

Answer: Yes, we carry liability insurance up to $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 per incidence. 

2. After you finish the onsite drawing how long does it take to get the drawings?

Answer:  Normally you will receive the drawings the same day the measurement service is completed but no more than 24 hours after completion of the measurement.

3. Why does it take so long to measure a multi-level home?

Answer: Single level homes can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to measure. Homes with multiple levels are a much different story.
Due to the fact that we cannot measure the outside walls as we do on a first floor, we must measure from the inside of an additional level. In order to know where the external walls are from room to room, we must measure, and put into the drawing, all internal walls that connect to an outside wall. Once we have measured around the additional level and back to the starting point, we save that drawing noting the last wall measured to first wall measured difference both vertically and horizontally.  All this measuring and putting internal walls into a drawing takes time. The larger the additional level(s) the more time it takes to complete the drawing. Next, we take out all of the internal walls, which leaves us with the internal shell of the additional level. We then copy this shell and reopen the first drawing of the additional level and paste the shell directly over the initial drawing to make sure we removed the internal walls correctly. We then add up the linier footage of the internal shell and mathematically calculate the square footage of a wall around the additional level.

We then have the computer CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) program calculate the internal square footage and add the wall square footage around the additional level to the internal square footage.  Finally, we subtract any voids, enclosed stairwells and mechanical roooms we find on the measured level from the calculated square footage to give us the final square footage of the additional level.

Obviously, this entire process takes time.  A one or two room (200 to 300 square feet might take thirty minutes. One thousand square feet may take an hour and a half to two hours or more to complete. Click to view example.

4. After the measurement of our house what do we receive from MeasureRight?

Answer: On single level homes with an attached garage you would receive three different drawings. All drawings are put on our letterhead paper with an explanation under the drawing. On multiple floor houses you will receive additional drawings.  After payment is made, we will email the drawings to whomever paid for our services, usually same day but no later that 24 hours after the services have been rendered if we have been paid.

5. What qualifies as under central heat & air?

Answer: A central furnace connected with an outside air conditioner that has supply vents in all major rooms and return vents in designated rooms. There are large outside units that supply both heat and air to the house and thus do qualify. Split units, a relative new innovation, also qualifies due to having both an outside condenser unit and an inside unit mounted to a wall for single room heating and cooling. A room addition must have at least one supply from the central heat & air unit or a split unit.  Single unit wall or window mounted units do not qualify as part of the central heat and air supply and cannot be counted as under central heat and air. We do measure such rooms to give you and an appraiser the square footage of the room.

Providing you with Peace of Mind
In Square Footage Numbers of your home.