MeasureRight® Payment

If you wish to pay with a standard credit card, click on the "Pay Now" button above. When the PayPal initial page opens fill in the amount owed from the email we sent you. Next click on continue. In the next page either fill in the PayPal Guest Checkout information or click on the Login button to log into PayPal and pay with your PayPal account.

If paying by check, please make check payable to:
and mail to:

RealTime Layout Solutions
4620 NW 161st Street
Edmond, OK 73013

For MeasureRight® clients, please be aware that we cannot provide the information about the house until we have received payment. If you pay by check, cash or online at the same time service is provided, we will give you the information at that time. We will then email you the drawings usually same day but not longer than 24 hours after measurement is complete.

If you pay by a regular credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) or PayPal (online through our website to PayPal), we will email the information to you as soon as we have notification from PayPal of payment.

If you mail a check it may take as much as two to three working days reach our office. Regardless of how payment is made, as soon as we receive payment, we will email you the information about the square footage of your listing/home with all .pdf picture files attached showing the footprint of your home with the total square footage of the listing/home shown along with a .pdf drawing of the outside measurement of the house showing last wall to first wall, another drawing showing the garage measurements in the first floor initial drawing and, for multiple floor homes, the initial drawing of additional floors.

Remember to save these .pdf files and the email since the cost for our service is a valid expense in selling your listing/home.