The basic problem. Who’s numbers do you trust?

The basic problem is that there are so many places to come up with square footage measurements and, most often, they are different to very different, square footage measurements reports. So, who can you trust?

Our Standard MeasureRight® service is designed to provide you with the most accurate drawings of each step in measuring your home and a Total Square Footage number, under Central Heat & Air, that you can rely on.

About Squre Footage Numbers

There are a number of ways one can come up with the square footage of their home or listing.

  1. From the seller.
  2. One or more appraisals.
  3. County Records.
  4. Other

All of the above will most probably be different values.

Let take these one at a time.

From the seller. The seller may often believe that their homes are bigger than what has been reported from other sources. This may well be true, especially if they have added areas to the home since they purchased it.

One or more appraisals. Often times either the Realtor or seller may have multiple Appraiser appraisals and all of them reporting a different square footage.

County Records. County records should not be used.  All counties in central Oklahoma have disclaimers and most do not give an official square footage report of a listing. Even though Oklahoma County gives the square footage in their reports, their disclaimer makes it clear you cannot use their numbers.

There simply isn’t a more accurate, faster or lower cost way to give you accurate Residential and Commercial drawings.

For our Commercial services, the cost is one third to one half the cost of having most Archi-tects provide the same service and we are usually on site measuring within two to three days of receiving a Master Request for Service form. Plus, we deliver the drawings within 24 to 48 hours of completion of the measurement process.  Residential drawings with square footage calculations are provided with 24 hours of completion of the site measurement.

We have created over 2,700 home drawings over the past 9 years to give our residential clients the denitive square footage number of their home/listing. We invite you to visit our different measuring services above or contact us for more information.

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