MEASURERIGHT® Commercial Measurement Services

For our Commercial Clients we offer full CAD drawings of a single suite to entire buildings providing you with square footage details.

On the commercial side we measure standard office/medical buildings to warehouses and industrial buildings. We put into the drawing all walls, windows and identify kitchens, breakrooms, bathrooms and mechanical rooms, etc. When we finish measuring we can give the square footage of individual suites, entire floors and buildings as well as common areas.  Once the drawing is complete we can also take out and put in walls as requested by the client. Plots of the area measured are provided in full color from 8 ½’ x 11” to 24” x 36”. We can also provide all drawings in Adobe .pdf format as well as the actual Architectural .dwg files to give to an Architect. Finished drawings can also be provided in 3D format.

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Large Physician Space

Small/Medium Physician Space

Medium Physician Space

Color Coded Physician Space

Color Coded Physician Space 3D

Surgery Center

Anheuser-Bush Design

Small Commercial Space

Commercial/Retail Space

Grocery Store Re-design

Commercial Re-design

Restaurant/Office Space

Retail Space

3801 Classen Blvd

Medium/Large Office Space

Medium Office Building

Lt. Industrial Building

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