MeasureRight and COVID-19

Yes, we are measuring some houses but with stipulations and limitations.

On advice from my primary care physician, we will only be measuring the following types of houses for the month of April.

     1. Occupied single level houses with the furnace in the garage or attic and the water heater in the garage.

     2. New houses, single or multilevel, that are empty.

     3. Flipped houses, single or multilevel, that are empty.

     4. Existing homes, previously occupied, that are empty and have not been occupied for 48 hours.

     5. Multi-level homes where the additional level(s) does not have occupied bedrooms.

Further restrictions with the above multi-level homes are that no person(s) will have been in the additional level for 12 hours (overnight) prior to the scheduled measurement time and that no person(s) are in the additional level until we have finished the measurement process. Additionally, we need to be informed if you know of any person who was working on, or living in, a house to be measured was, or is now, infected with the COVID-19 virus.

We prefer that the house have a lock box and that we are given the lockbox code before scheduled time of arrival. If a lockbox cannot be put on the house, we ask that the house be opened before the scheduled time of arrival.  If someone must be at the house to open it up so we can measure the garage, we ask that social distancing be observed at all times. A final option would be to have a key to the house be placed somewhere around the house and that we are notified where the key is placed before our arrival at the house.

Payment information can be emailed to the person paying for our service after the home is measured. Once payment has been made, we will send the drawings via email to the person paying for the service and any other person(s) identified on the Request for Service form as long as an email address is supplied on the form for that person(s).

The above information is for your and our safety. Remember that it is possible for this virus to remain suspended in the air up to six hours after an infected person coughs or sneezes. We, and we are sure you, do not want to be responsible for spreading this virus to our families, friends or community! Thank you for your understanding and help in this time of crisis.


David W. Hudson
Managing Partner
RealTime Layout Solutions LLP / MeasureRight
405 513-2023

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