We employ a system of checks and balances in our measuring of all properties.

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  • MeasureRight Laser Garage

We use checks as a way to ensure that the square footage of the home we give you is as accurate as the electronic devices we use to measure and our extreme attention to detail will allow.

In single story residential properties this begins with measuring the outside walls of the property and color-coding the first and last walls measured in the CAD drawing. We then look on the drawing at the junction of these two measurements to determine how close the two lines come to together. The usual difference vertically and horizontally is less 1". We then measure the garage and once again we are looking to ensure the junction of the first and last measurement points  are less than 1" apart vertically and horizontally. Follow this link to view an example of a first floor initial drawing.

All home additional levels are measured from the inside. In order to know where outside walls are located from room to room we put all internal walls into the drawing. MeasureRights® first check in verifying the validity of our drawing starts as we enter the first room off the hallway. We measure the depth of the wall as we enter the room and again as we exit the room. To verify the room was measured correctly we draw a short line from last door jamb measured toward the first door jamb. We then measure the width of the door jamb and Bluetooth it into the drawing and color the line red.  This line should come very close to touching the first door jamb. If it does not, we re-enter the room and check all wall measurements again until we achieve an acceptable tolerance of less than 1” vertically and horizontally. Follow this link to view an example of a second floor drawing.

We employ a system of measurement checks to ensure that the drawings and square footage numbers we give you are accurate.