MEASURERIGHT® NEW Residential PLUS for Room Dimensions

The MeasureRight® PLUS service will give you drawings with all rooms on the every level with basic measurements of each room. An added value to this service is you get the total square footage under central heat & air of each level measured and put into Architectural AutoCAD®.

Plus service is provide in Architectural AutoCAD®.  We measure and put into the drawing all internal walls, windows, doors and additional items as requested. When finished we add the dimensions of the room walls and place measurements of all windows from the nearest corner of the room. When finished we provide a Architectural drawing in 8 ½” x 11 up to 24” x 36”. The latter size is billed at $8 per plot. On all levels we put into Architectural AutoCAD we can also give you the total square footage under central heat and air at no additional cost.

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Residential PLUS First Floor

Second Floor Initial Drawing

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