MeasureRight® Standard Residential Services

We measure your property by utilizing $600 Leica digital lasers set to measure to 1/32”.  We Bluetooth the measurement directly into a CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) program in a hardened tablet computer we carry with us as we measure the house.  First floors are measured from the outside of the house due to outside walls count in the reported total square footage of a home. Once we finish the measurement of the first floor we measure the garage and put the measurements in the first floor drawing then separate house walls from garage walls and let the CAD program calculate the square footage.

Additional levels are measured from the inside. We count the stairwell on the first floor and start measuring from the landing on the additional level(s). We measure and put into the drawing all internal walls to enable us to know where outside walls truly are from room to room, closet to closet, etc. When the last wall is measured ending at the landing we color the landing measurement green and the last measurement to the landing in red. We save the drawing and note the measurement difference between first and last measurements. In the next drawing we take out all the internal walls and add the linier measurements around the additional level. When the linier calculation is complete we calculate the square footage of a wall around the additional level and add it to the internal square footage that the CAD program calculates which gives us the final square footage of the additional level.

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