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We have added new drawings to our list of drawings we send to you after the measurement process is completed. We now give you the initial drawing of the first floor showing the first and last measurements and give you the difference at the junction of those two lines.
We provide first-floor initial drawing with the measurements of the garage included. We also give you the most important drawing that shows the Total Home Square Footage under central heat & air.

All drawings are on our letterhead paper and have an explanation under the drawing defining all the details.

Why do we go to all this trouble to give you extra drawings?

We want an appraiser to have all the information about how we measured the house so that you do not have any problem with square footage when you get to closing.
For Commercial properties, we now offer 3D renderings of the finished drawings. We can plot the drawing at any angle you wish for a truly creative way to view your floor plan.

Payment for Standard and Plus Residential Service

Total Measured First floor Square Footage Cost

First Floor (Std. Res.)    Discount for Cash or Check      Plus Service (Architectural Drawings.)

Up to 1,999 sf   $120                     $115                                                 $95/hr.
2,000 to 2,499   $140                     $135                                                     
2,500 to 2,999   $160                     $155                   
3,000 to 3,499   $185                     $175                         
3,500 to 3,999   $205                     $195                               
4,000 to 4,499   $245                     $235                           
4,500 to 4,999   $285                     $275       
5,000 to 5,499   $305                     $295                           
5,500 to 5,999   $355                     $345                               
6,000 to 7,000   $465                     $485                          

Second Floor

Standard Residential Service is 12 cents per sq. ft. times the total second floor square footage space. This applies to all floors except the first floor.

Cost for Measuring and Calculating
Total Home Square Footage

Above price list is for a single and multiple story residential homes. There will be an additional charge for duplexes from $25 to $50 due to the fact that we must measure a part or the entire internal walls to arrive at the width and length of the duplex due to one, or both, sides of the duplex are joined to adjacent duplex structures.

The cost for measuring in Standard Residential Service for additional floors/levels ( 2nd, 3rd, etc. or basement) is 10.5 cents per sq. ft. of the total additional floor/level measured square footage.

Additional Charges: If there are any vertical walls under 5', a second drawing will be generated to indicate those walls brought into the room to a height of 5'. There will be an additional charge $35 to $75 for the second drawing.

There will be an additional charge for structures other than the primary house structure of from $25 and up depending on the square footage of the additional structure(s).

There will be an additional charge of 3% plus $0.30 applied to the normal charge if paying online with a regular credit card via PayPal for our services.

Above 7,000 sf the amount is to be determined by RLS MeasureRight®.

Note: We must have some form of payment before we can share the information from the site measurement. No payment, no information. No payment, we own the information not the client.  Builders will be invoiced for our services on new homes and the invoice will remind the Builder that payment is due on receipt of invoice.

A Special Note about Standard Res. Service Second Floors

The cost difference between the first and additional levels is due to having to measure and put into the drawing two thirds to all internal walls to make sure we are placing all external walls where they belong from room to room. Once we finish the initial drawing, we remove all internal walls, add the linier footage around the second floor and mathematically calculate the square footage of an external wall and add this square footage to the internal square footage. All this takes much more time to place in the computer and, later, preparing the drawing for the client. Keep in mind that if we only measured the internal square footage of the second floor we would only be giving you usable or livable square footage, no total square footage. Removing internal walls in drawing and calculating the wall square footage can add between twenty and forty-five minutes to the time it takes to calculate the square footage of the second floor. This additional time factor is why we charge differently when measuring second floor, third floors, and basements, etc.

Fees for Residential Plus Service

Standard Architectural AutoCAD Service at $70/hr.

Fees for Commercial Drawings.

Commercial pricing is charged out at $70 per hour which includes actual measuring and computer work on and off site to complete the drawings and plots

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