We will be starting a new residential measuring service on August 23rd .


If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, this service is for you!

  1. Want to be able to give potential buyers a great tool to see their potential home in an AutoCAD drawing to scale with all walls, doors, windows and dimensions of each room and more?
  2. Want to be able to determine if your furniture will fit in your new home?
  3. Want your move in to be much less stressful?

This new service provides our clients with actual Architectural AutoCAD drawings showing all walls, doors, windows and more of the interior of any/all levels of a home! We also provide you the basic dimensions of all rooms and placement measurement of windows located on exterior walls.  We can give you as much detail as you want included in the drawing(s).

For buyers, we can also measure you basic furniture and put it into the drawing. Once you have decided where you want your furniture placed, we can place it in each room and give dimensions from a corner of the room to each piece of furniture and as well as where to put boxes for that room so that the moving people know exactly where to place furniture and boxes. We can even provide a drawing of each room to place on the door to that room so there is no confusion as to where to place furniture and boxes. Number your boxes and furniture with the room number and make your move dramatically less confusing, stressful and time consuming!

To see examples of this service, click the Home button at the top right of this page, scroll down to the “New Residential Plus Service” and click on “Read More”.

After we’ve measured your house
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